When it rains…

We set a new rainfall record here in Virginia in the last few days.  We have now exceeded 15 days of rain compared to the previous record of 10.  Some say it feels like we live in a perpetual rainforest. Thankfully, there have been a few respites in the hours of the day.  No doubt [...]

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SubOptic 2016

I’m not one of the oldsters; my first SubOptic was only at Versailles in 1993 – with my family in tow. In those days the exhibitors were relegated to a large tent outside the main proceedings.  The technical papers were presented somewhere else, and because I pulled booth duty, I don’t recall attending any of [...]

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You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in

I spent the last few days mulling over what to talk about for my part in the opening submarine cable session at PTC ’16. I am normally quite happy to sit quietly in the audience and listen to others opine about our industry, and learn a few things in the process.  But instead, around Halloween, [...]

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