We set a new rainfall record here in Virginia in the last few days.� We have now exceeded 15 days of rain compared to the previous record of 10.� Some say it feels like we live in a perpetual rainforest.

Thankfully, there have been a few respites in the hours of the day.� No doubt the bride and groom at the wedding my wife and I attended last night appreciated the beautiful clear sky for their open air nuptials and subsequent party in the piedmont.� I even had my long weekend run in the next sunshine filled morning.� And I was so excited with the break that I cut the front yard and half of the back before the rain clouds returned and dumped anew.

The good news is that all this rain is bringing about a lot of healthy, new growth in the yard.� The grass is lush and full; the flowers are in bursting bloom.

When I talk to various friends in the industry I hear similar sentiments.� The spade work accomplished in the past is paying off; companies are busy with seemingly full order books and lots of kilometers of cable to manufacture and install.� And it�s interesting that new systems are being discussed and considered.

So I guess the open, whispered question is for how long.� I�ll certainly look for a sign in the stars whenever they deign to return.