March Madness came early this year.

For our foreign friends, March Madness is not a surreal passion play filled with political intrigue. Instead, it is the time of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally throughout the month of March and this year for us it came a little early.

As you may have read or heard, SubTel Forum will be managing SubOptic 2019.

Specifically, we will be managing the organization and staging of SubOptic 2019, with the new SubOptic association retaining responsibility for the program. Our partnership allows SubOptic to concentrate on building a program that provides maximum value to attendees, supported by a SubTel Forums professional event management team. Folks we brought on almost a year ago some of whom you will be meeting in this issue and beyond are already busy working on the building blocks for SubOptic 2019, which will be held in New Orleans on 8-11 April 2019.

My family and I attended our first SubOptic in Versailles in 1993, and I have attended every conference since. In those days, the conference space was a large tent where we stood for 3 days, neck and neck with all the other exhibitors hawking our wares. For me, SubOptic has always been the essential industry conference, and like most, I would not dare miss it. It is, quite frankly, an honor to be a part of it. So, while the conference has certainly grown over the years, it has successfully retained that familial feel, which is core to its legacy.

We at SubTel Forum are indeed looking forward to continuing this thirty-year tradition in the spirit and high standards the association and its members deserve.

And as always, we hope you enjoy the many excellent contributions to this issue, discussing some very pertinent and timely industry issues.

As for me, I am also going to take the moment to enjoy a little college hoops before things get crazier.