Expert in Every Step of Submarine Cable Implementation


System Planning, Desktop Study & Design

We accomplish feasibility studies, plans of work, schedule, and budgeting of a submarine cable system. We develop the route and system designs, review the technology and design principles of major components, and recommend the technical requirements to be used. Our Desktop Studies optimize the cable type, route, and installation methodology through route selection, slack allocation, cable type/armor, and the use of industry-standard cable burial and protection practices.


Procurement & Adjudication

We create a procurement package and technical specification, prepare a list of suppliers to receive the RFP, disseminate and manage the RFP release, as well as manage follow-on questions and negotiations. We evaluate competing offers and calculate commercial and technical proposals against RFP components, comparing the relative risks and benefits of each proposal.


Survey, Installation, Manufacturing & Commissioning Representation

We provide qualified client representatives on-board survey and installation vessels, as well as in factory and commissioning activities. We monitor operations and prepare Daily Progress Reports with observations and recommendations via our PM 2.0 Dashboard. We review factory acceptance of the submarine cable, branching units, repeaters, cable termination racks and PFE, and SLTE. We check cable landing stations and witness segment commissioning and system testing, making specific recommendations regarding remedial actions to be taken.


Maintenance Planning

We plan system maintenance and associated costs, and highlight maintenance strategy, requirements, procedures, procurement methods, response adjudication, and contract negotiation to be employed. We develop preventative maintenance practices and raise awareness and minimize risk to our clients’ systems.


Due Diligence & System Valuation

We accomplish submarine cable system due diligence and system valuation, performing activities necessary to evaluate and provide our client with the confidence to move ahead with the project. We determine the fair market value of the tangible assets of a system.