In the first half of April 2017, WFN Strategies System Design Manager, Charlie Foreman, spent ten days in Rognan, Norway, witnessing the loading of 400 kilometers of submarine fiber optic cable onto Elettra�s C/S Teliri.� Here are a few of his passing thoughts on the effort.

�Rognan is just north of the Arctic Circle at the southern end of the Saltdalsfjorden. Rognan is about 50 miles by road from Bod�, the closest commercial airport. The weather was northern Norwegian spring-like � the temperature hovered a few degrees above and below freezing; mostly cloudy with frequent light snow flurries and rain drizzles.

The cable was loaded nonstop using two lines from Nexans� quay; one for the Single Armor cable and the other for a combination of Single Armor/Double Armor. Close coordination was required between the factory, the quay, the ship�s cable deck, and the ship�s cable tanks. The Brazilian, Italian, and Norwegian teams confirmed that the loading was completed in a little over 72 hours. Once all the cable was onboard, it was electrically and optically tested to ensure that nothing had changed since the Factory Acceptance Testing.

Nexans� and Teliri�s professionalism and hospitality, particularly the ever-present espresso, made the loading an enjoyable experience. My daughter asked me how to get a job like this. I told her, �An engineering degree, 40-plus years of relevant experience, and a love to travel and try new things.�

Charlie Foreman has supported WFN Strategies over 15 years in the engineering, provision and installation of fiber optic, microwave and trunked mobile telecom systems in Arctic and Antarctic, Brazil, Brunei, Gulf of Mexico, and West Africa to name a few places.� Charlie possesses some 35 years� experience as Subject Matter Expert in Submarine Cable Network Engineering, and was previously responsible for the development of a strategic telecoms plan for Saudi Aramco, Manager of Systems Engineering for Fujitsu America, and Systems Engineer for NEC America.