SubTel Forum Issue #119 Exordium

Welcome to Issue 119, our Regional Systems edition.

July 22, 2021

Sterling, VA – It has been another interesting northern summer in our industry. Like last year we are still managing through with various COVID protocols, but the pace of activity is quite simply astounding. All the factories are busy; all the cableships, too. A slight delay in one program will ripple to others for weeks, and managers are busily reorganizing Gantts, plans, assets, and people as the latest realities dictate.
But the buzz of this industry machine is positive and forward-looking, and you feel like we are quickly moving beyond.
For our part in Virginia, we are starting to look at things anew and with clearer, refocused eyes – simple things at first like renovating our office. Not that things were so bad, but it had been about five years or more since the last time we even thought about walls and carpets and furniture, and we decided it would be nice for everything to have a good refresh. And so, we hired an interior designer who came to see our facility, then used her carte blanche control to suggest whatever, and now we will spend the rest of the summer dodging various workers, all the while working ourselves and projects at a breakneck pace.
Installing the video system in our conference room has been a godsend. Borrowing heavily from a fellow consortium member, we realized from recently meeting in their offices across town how we needed a system that would emancipate us from the multiple small screens of our laptops, as well as enable us to sit together around the table. And when we added this capability the rest of the office looked tired and dull and in need of a rejuvenation. We hope to have the dust settled before an all hands meeting in early September.
If you give a mouse a cookie…
And of course, for most of the month of July the Tour de France has been blaring from the TV in the lounge just loud enough so that I can track the peloton from my desk in my office. I have been known to quietly leave meetings this month only to come back with an update on some rider cracking or virtual standings or something. I have been astounded to watch daily one particular rider who hadn’t been picked for the previous two years’ team squads and who was tapped just two weeks before this year’s race who is at this writing leading the Green jersey competition. Despite his advancing age (in peloton years), he is magical to watch.
Hats off to the French for giving us another memorable Tour.
Thanks to an especially capable bunch of authors, we have yet another awesome crop of articles this issue. It has become a genuine pleasure to review various commentaries as they arrive in the weeks leading up to publishing. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.
Hats off to our authors for giving us another memorable issue. Of course, our ever popular “where in the world are all those pesky cableships” is included as well.
We hope this continues to find you well, productive, and positive for the days ahead.

Good reading and Vive le Tour,

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Wayne Nielsen,


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