SubTel Forum Issue #115 Exordium

November 19, 2020

Welcome to Issue 115, our Datacenters & New Technology and 19th anniversary edition!

We recently had this little election here in the States. Despite of all the warranted angst around the pandemic we Yanks accomplished something we have done only a couple other times in our brief history by conducting an election in the middle of a national emergency. By my count this is only the third time (including 1864’s Civil War and 1944’s WWII appointments) that we have conducted such a polling, and politics aside and even with this terrible disease, we voted in staggering numbers.

But the times continue to wear on in our world and the numbers continue to increase and we continue to plow on instead.

I have been trying to get tipped for the London Marathon for years without success. In September I received an email out of the blue from the organizers inviting me to run the race virtually on the 5th of October, unexpectedly cutting my normal distance training by some three or four weeks. So, I thought “what could go wrong?” and proceeded to run solo that Sunday out my front door through my town for a very long 26.2 mile day. But I still had my annual Marine Corps run to do, this year also virtual; so, 13 days later and weeks before I was really healthy went out on the same route and ran solo once again.

I won’t say I broke any PRs or found any new levels of enlightenment in the process. It just seemed like the right thing for me to do. Last year I cracked a rib and could not run. This year there was no way I would not run. In times like these you take the inspiration from just about anywhere.

2020 has turned into an absolutely unbelievable and unprecedented year because of the pandemic’s impact on the entire world. And then came last week an announcement that the first of several vaccines was showing 90% effectiveness. The world can now see a tiny, flickering light at the end of this very long tunnel!

Industry Report

In October, SubTel Forum published our 9th edition of the annual Submarine Telecoms Industry Report (, which was authored by the analysts at STF Analytics, a Division of Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. The format of the annual Industry Report has been updated once again, this time adding personal video commentaries from multiple industry representatives from around the world. In addition, ongoing and updating results of our recent industry survey of industry sentiment are punctuated throughout.

SubTel Forum 19th Anniversary IssuePicture1 138x300 - SubTel Forum Issue #115 19th anniversary edition Exordium

When Ted Breeze and I established our little magazine in 2001, our hope was to get enough interest to keep it going for a while. We were building on our previous successes of “Soundings” and “Real Time” from BT Marine and SAIC, respectively, and we realized that the industry that had sustained us was headed into a dark time; it would need a place to express itself like never before.

So, we kicked around a few ideas, talked with a few trusted industry friends, and took a BIG chance. And in November 2001, just after 9/11 and the start of our largest industry downturn, and with a budget consisting of the balance of a severance package from me and some “borrowed” software and pics from him, we published our first issue, which consisted of eight articles and seven complimentary advertisements.

In our now 19th year we’ve upped our game in ways never originally imagined, tried novel approaches to businesses new to us, even recreated our mission statement as a part of our drive toward providing continuing education:

“To provide a freely accessible forum for the illumination and education of professionals in industries connected with submarine optical fiber technologies and techniques.”

We continue to publish SubTel Forum with two key founding principles always in mind, which annually I reaffirm to you, our readers:

  1. That we will provide a wide range of ideas and issues;
  2. That we will seek to incite, entertain and provoke in a positive manner.

Thank you to the more than 100+ Sponsors and 550+ Authors who have contributed to SubTel Forum over the last 19 years! Thanks also for their support to this issue’s advertisers: Concept Experts, Pearce Services, Esri and Point One. Lastly, we highlight the updates to the online cable map with both recent big and little cable announcements; and of course, our ever popular “where in the world are all those pesky cableships” is included as well.

So, here’s to you, our readers and supporters, thank you as always for honoring us with your interest and stay well,

Wayne Nielsen,


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