Contract Adjudication and Negotiation

contractweb 2 - Contract Adjudication and Negotiation

WFN Strategies’ Submarine System Supplier Response Evaluation Criteria (SSSREC) evaluates competing offers from vendors in a simple and objective manner, ranking received proposals per various weighted criteria. SSSREC calculates a system bidder’s commercial and technical proposal against RFP components, as well as considers pricing, thereby highlighting and comparing the relative risks and benefits of each proposal. It identifies areas to focus on in negotiation, for helping pick a preferred bidder, as well as reporting the progress of negotiations to various stakeholders.

In a competitive situation, Bidders will always seek to differentiate their Proposal from the others, and this may involve deviations from the original specification. Differentiation appears in many ways, but it is essential, as far as is practicable, that a fair and equalized comparison be made between the different Proposals. This will involve consideration and direct comparison of price, project schedule, payment profile, delivery, commercial/technical compliance, value added propositions and the like. It may also involve weighing one category against another. While Proposal Evaluation Criteria will be prepared prior to the receipt of Proposals, inevitably there will be factors that were unforeseen, and addressing these fairly will come down to experience, project priorities and, in some cases, client preferences.