System Commissioning

Charlie 10 Apr 17 - System Commissioning

WFN Strategies’ System Commissioning involves the review and approval of all test procedures and pass/fail criteria, as well as the witnessing of all segment commissioning activities. Representatives review test results and sign-off acceptance test certificates on behalf of the client, identifying any non-compliant results and making specific recommendations regarding remedial actions to be taken, ensuring a successful system implementation.

We have assisted clients worldwide to identify permitting issues, requirements and processes and to optimize system design and construction details to mitigate any possible permitting obstacles and to optimize permit processing times wherever possible. We verify the applicable legislation, identify the regulatory authorizations and agencies and assist our clients in obtaining the necessary owner licenses and permits while specifying the operational permits that the system supplier must obtain.

We review all aspects of a project and determine whether adequate measures are in place to ensure that the overall project objectives can be met. Such activities involve either the performance of source inspection or source surveillance, or the performance of quality duties with a certain standard of care. We also supervise wet and dry plant manufacturing, and testing and commissioning for system acceptance.

A Daily Progress Report for system commissioning is prepared and delivered to the client with observations and recommendations via our PM 2.0 Dashboard. Daily Progress Reports are retained in the cloud-based PM 2.0 Dashboard as a proprietary system implementation database for later retrieval and archival during O&M of the system.