Client Representation

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WFN Strategies’ Client Representation provide clients with a qualified representative on-board the survey and installation vessels. Client Representatives are available on a 24 hour basis to observe the operations, and a Daily Progress Report is prepared and delivered to the client with observations and recommendations via our PM 2.0 Dashboard. Daily Progress Reports are retained in the cloud-based PM 2.0 Dashboard as a proprietary system implementation database for later retrieval and archival during O&M of the system.

We provide owner’s representative support during the development of final system engineering, and supervises marine and terrestrial surveys, civil works, wet and dry plant manufacturing, and marine and terrestrial installation.

We are BOSIET/T-BOSIET trained with appropriate TWIC vetting. We have developed tablet tools, video and superior digital reporting for in-field operations, as well as created enhanced web-based customer communications and Quality Control of representation efforts. We initiated the management and delivery of all representation reports into a single cohesive, integrated company capability, which can be updated, modified and reproduced as projects and offshore energy customers require.