Desktop Study & Site Visits

desktopstudyweb - Desktop Study & Site Visits

WFN Strategies’ executive Desktop Study (eDTS) is an abridged version of a “regular” desktop study, but produced in a shortened time-frame, and providing only essential data and analysis for immediate system developer consideration, which is then coupled and expanded by site visits by its shore-end engineering team.

Decades of experience in telecommunications, hydrographic survey, mapping, and software development are combined to automate the engineering and budgetary analysis process. We possess the capability to deliver any type of GIS product worldwide. Detailed spatial datasets and associated metadata are gathered, quality controlled, and merged in to spatially-enabled SQL databases that can be used as-is or exported to industry standard formats. Satellite and seabed imagery, along with other specialized raster datasets can be analyzed to include vector feature extraction, raster object detection and thematic texture analysis.

We utilize in-house spatial databases and automated mapping software coupled with site visits to produce specialized cable route GIS products like alignment charts, 3-D animations/fly-through, and interactive web maps.