Process Driven for Efficiency and Quality Assurance

PM2.0 150x150 - PM 2.0 ProcessPM 2.0 is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Management System for the design and implementation of commercial, governmental, and oil & gas companies throughout the world. It is process-driven for better efficiency and quality assurance during submarine cable development.

Utilizing a variety of proven methodologies such as Project Management Professional® (PMP®) and Total Quality Management (TQM) combined with our extensive industry experience allows us to provide world-class project implementation.

We use our standardized process flow to take a submarine cable project from concept to reality.

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photo 3 rotated - PM 2.0 Process


  • Conduct Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Support system implementations with our experience Project Management resources and tools
  • Provide Quality Assurance and Project Oversight with Field Representation (In Field or Virtual)


  • Supports every phase of a Submarine System Implementation
  • Utilizing proven project managements applications, skills and experience
  • Based on standardized and uniform documents and reporting tools


  • Step 1


    We work closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements. We develop strategies for the implementation and operations of a submarine cable system, including feasibility studies, development of plans of work, schedule and budgeting. We use our PM 2.0 tools that allow our client to continuously track progress.

  • Procurement

    We estimate the system procurement timeline and its potential cost. We create an RFP Package and Technical Specification, prepare a list of suppliers to receive the RFP, disseminate the RFP, and manage the RFP release, follow-on questions and clarifications, as well as assist in negotiations.

  • Survey

    We accomplish site visits to various system shore-ends, noting the nature of the landings, terrain, environment, local issues, etc. We provide clients with a qualified and experienced representative to be onboard survey boats to observe and report the marine survey.

  • Design

    We develop the route and system designs of the submarine cable system. We review the technology and design principles of major components of the system and recommend the technical requirements to be used.

  • Manufacturing

    We provide qualified and experienced representatives to review FAT of the submarine cable, BUs, repeaters, cable termination racks and PFE, SLTE at a supplier’s facilities, documenting the findings of the FAT and resulting recommendations. We similarly review the system assembly factory acceptance.

  • Installation

    We review the SLLI and provide qualified and experienced representatives to accomplish cable load-out, as well as onboard the cable ship or ashore for the shore-end to observe the marine installation. Our representatives observe the installation operations.

  • Commissioning

    We witness commissioning activities and review and approve test procedures and pass/fail criteria.  Our representatives are present at cable landing stations and we identify any non-compliant results and make specific recommendations regarding remedial actions to be taken.