COVID-19 Mitigation Policy

WFN Strategies has established a COVID-19 Incident Management Team, with our priority to ensure first and foremost, the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, and clients. WFN Strategies has taken and will continue to take guidance and align our position with that of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This policy applies to all WFN Strategies worksites. For clarity, onshore worksites include both WFN Strategies’ offices and client premises. All personnel (including independent contractors) must adhere to these guidelines as well as any further guidelines published by the WHO and/or the CDC.

Offshore Worksites

As a precautionary measure, no personnel who has returned from one of the listed affected countries will be permitted to go offshore for a period of 14 full days from return to their home location, even if they have displayed no symptoms. Personnel must remain symptom-free for the duration of the 14 days.

No individual can join or visit a worksite if they have travelled through or from any of the Category 1 risk areas (including airport transfers) in accordance with dates above. Individuals are responsible for declaring this information to the Projects Manager or Managing Director. Anyone who has travelled from or to (including airport transfers) any of the Category 2 risk areas and develop symptoms must:

  • Report to the medic if on a vessel
  • Report to the line Manager if at a worksite
  • Self-isolate and call your Doctor if at home. Also inform your line Manager or HR department by phone.

Symptoms include tiredness, cough, sneezing, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea.

Anyone who has travelled from or to any of the Category 2 risk areas (including airport transfers) and have no symptoms, then no further action is required.

WFN Strategies control measures have been implemented to ensure compliance with this policy. Additionally, Governments and Clients may introduce other measures to manage COVID-19, and all WFN Strategies workers will be required to respect and follow these requirements.

Isolation and returning to WFN Strategies worksites

Anyone who has visited Category 1 or 2 risk areas must:

  • Not attend a WFN Strategies or client worksite
  • Self-isolate for 14 days
  • Contact their own Doctor if they have symptoms

Anyone considering accessing a WFN Strategies or client worksite after a period of COVID-19 related isolation, must seek approval from the COVID-19 Incident Management Team.

In-Person Meetings

Until the COVID-19 outbreak has ended, in-person meetings with clients outside of the WFN Strategies office should be postponed, unless it is of an operational necessity. Prior to attending any outside meeting, permission should be obtained from any member of the Incident Management Team. This will allow the Incident Management Team to monitor employee and contractor travel, assess the risk related to the meeting, and monitor the possible exposure to COVID-19.

Business Travel

Until the COVID-19 outbreak has ended, business travel is restricted to essential requirements only. Travel to and from job sites and client meetings related to operations, projects, and worksite safety, is authorized, but permission should be obtained beforehand from the Incident Management Team, prior to travel.

Project Related Travel

Until the COVID-19 outbreak has ended, persons traveling to project sites for client duties are required to perform the WFN Strategies COVID-19 Risk Assessment (FM-QHSE-004A Risk Assessment COVID-19) 14 days prior to travel or a duration as defined by the end client COVID-19 policy. WFN Strategies’ Projects Manager is responsible for administering the risk assessment to each person involved in project related travel.

In the instance of a conflict between WFN Strategies COVID-19 and Client COVID-19 policy, client policy takes precedence.

COVID-19 Monitoring Meetings

Until the COVID-19 crises has passed, there will be a brief daily management meeting held in order to monitor the risks associated with WFN Strategies operations. These meetings will include a member of the Incident Management Team, most often the Projects Manager.

Decision to Partially Reopen the WFN Strategies Sterling Office

In June 2020, the Incident Management Team determined that conditions warrant the partial reopening of the office for essential staff. The only personnel allowed to enter the WFN Strategies office will be essential staff and social distancing rules will apply while in the office. No in-person client, vendor or other meetings will be held in the WFN Strategies office during this time, and such meetings will continue to be held via video conference and telephonically. Personnel working from home will continue to work during normal starting hours, informing their line manager and the Projects Manager by phone or email that they are starting the day, and will work a normal length day from home.

Continued Monitoring and Updates

The COVID-19 Incident Management Team will be closely monitoring information and advice from the WHO, CDC, and OGUK, and other governmental organizations. We will also be consulting with our Clients, to normalize our policy and procedures with their COVID-19 mitigation actions.

Updates will be sent, as often as needed, regarding new information, and revised or additional policies, and procedures. The aforementioned updates should be treated as communications of High Importance and read and understood as soon as possible.