Climate Pledge

What is the Climate Pledge?

The Climate Pledge is a commitment to be net zero carbon across our business by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Created by Amazon in 2019, the pledge has over 100 signatories.

Environmental Policy of WFN Strategies

WFN’s Environmental Policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our Clients achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect company competence and a commitment to achieving a balance between the environment, society, and economy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet our needs.

WFN Strategies believes that climate change demands urgent and universal action. As such, WFN Strategies is proud to sign The Climate Pledge. WFN Strategies stands with Amazon, Global Optimism, and the other signatories of The Climate Pledge, in a commitment to being net zero carbon by 2040—ten years ahead of The Paris Agreement. In addition, as a signatory of The Climate Pledge, WFN Strategies will:

  • Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular
  • Implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business change and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination
  • Take actions to neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially beneficial offsets to achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.