A Positive First Step

Welcome to Issue 118, our Global Capacity edition.

I head to the ballfield later this afternoon to watch the Washington Nationals baseball team play. An old business friend invited me, and with the ever-evolving “guidelines”, we were able to work out that Kristian and I could sit two rows ahead of him and others, which allows us to then switch seats mid-game and catch-up with multiple people. It’s an imperfect solution, but so much better than before.

I am also mindful of what others in our world are still facing. India and elsewhere are reeling from this latest wave of the pandemic. Even the optimist in me is worried yet again and I pray they persevere quickly.

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On our side we are all well. As of yesterday, only one of us, a European, still needs vaccinating, and we are hopeful that will be accomplished soon. We held our first in-person company meeting last week in over 14 months and we had people fly in from Texas or drive up from North Carolina. A simple in-person meeting was probably one of the most positive things we have done in such a long time, and it allowed us an intimate, personal chance to look ahead.

Plans for the way ahead are indeed beginning to take shape.

Next week we will be publishing our latest edition of the Submarine Cable Almanac, thanks in no small part to its sponsor, Mertech Marine.

We are excited to be working again with our friends at PTC, who offer herein their vision for the upcoming annual conference, as well as PTC Academy in which we provide accreditation, Webinar, VLOG, and young scholar program and research awards.

We are also appreciative of our friends from ICPC, who have not only provided an excellent reflection on reliable capacity in this issue, but also continue to be a leader in our industry, and we look forward to next week’s annual plenary. We are also thankful that ICPC have accepted one of our youngest in the team, Rebecca Spence, into the upcoming Rhodes Academy!

This issue provides insight from authors in North and South America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and West Africa. All have provided some excellent insight from their unique perspectives. Thank you, and also to BDA for sponsoring this issue.

Welcome to an old friend, Philip Pilgrim, who will be taking over the Back Reflection section going forward. Phil has been one of those really interesting cats who over the years has been digging up industry artifacts, locating long lost cable landing stations or whatever; so, he is a welcome addition to the SubTel Forum family of department writers!

Of course, our ever popular “where in the world are all those pesky cableships” is included as well.

This month the world celebrated its 51st Earth Day, and we joined other companies in signing The Climate Pledge (www.theclimatepledge.com), a commitment by companies and organizations to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040. We encourage other companies and organizations in the submarine cable industry to follow suit.

It’s a positive first step.

Good reading and stay well,

Wayne Nielsen
Managing Director


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